Liz…that’s what her american friends call her. I first met Liselotte during our first year in college. She took my breath away with how sweet and adorable she was. Liz is one of those women that just take the world by storm….while wearing the cutest shoes you’ve ever seen. She is so much more than just a beautiful Dutch woman. She is the kind of woman that reminds you why we keep going into equality. She continually blows my mind with her wisdom and love, in every area of her life.

She also runs a blog, her life is pretty amazing. I’d go check out what this powerful woman has to say about the adventures of life if I were you.

Her website is: Β
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Hannah Brooks

When I first met Hannah I was instantly blown away. I have never met anyone who loves people as well as she does. A lot of people talk about loving others, a lot of people teach us how to love in better ways, but Hannah actually does it in everything she does. In the daily life of Hannah Brooks you will be blessed beyond words. There will always be crying involved but mostly from laughing so hard you don’t know what’s going on around you. It has been an honor doing my first year of college with you and I cannot wait until you come back for the second.

Other than blessing the homeless and loving with her whole heart…she is a fantastic worship leader. The songs she writes always captivate and move me and so many other people. It is an honor knowing you as a friend. I love you very much, I hope this article says everything you want to say. Continue loving like you do…..

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